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Melody Night app by Code-Sonic Melody Night app by Code-Sonic

EDIT 7/8/14: Added to her friends and now displaying the crushes she has

EDIT: had to change her birthday to fit new rules

  Melody Night

• Age: 12

• Gender:  Female

• Height:  4’ 3”

• Weight:  76 lbs

• Birthday:  July 13th 2001 (born on Friday the 13th

• Nationality: American-Scottish

• House: Ravenclaw

• Year: 2nd year (moving on to 3rd year now)

Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Lime Green


• Personality: Sweet, shy, curious, quiet

Melody loves to just watch people, it doesn't matter the time or day, she just likes to quietly sit in front of a window and watch the people down below. She is shy and has a hard time engaging people, so she is often hiding or sulking in a corner till someone notices her. She is awful curious though, so if no one is around she will wander around and explore a bit, and if something has been left up on the counter and no one is around then it will vanish. She loves to read books and always has ten books in her room that she is currently reading, no fewer. She is a very sweet girl who will warm up to you if you've been around her enough, she often picks flowers and hands one out to someone she considers a friend.


• Background:


Ashly was unable to carry another child after her, Melody was fortunate to have been conceived. She had problems with miscarriages, but in one final attempt Melody was born. Her mother and father plan to adopt in the near future once Melody matures.

Blake was a pure blood wizard who fell in love with a muggle. He had spent many years traveling, causing his spouse hardship. Ashley had wanted to settle down and have a family but Blake was more interested in traveling the lands and exploring. But after Ashley's accident he decided to settle down and start a family.

Ashley had fallen in love with the young wizard who had a love for adventure and travel but she couldn't keep up with his pace. She fell ill due to a poisonous snake bite (near her reproductive organs) and was immediately rushed to the hospital. She suffered some damage to her reproductive system due to the location of the bite, but she wasn't per say infertile. After her accident Blake decided to settle down and start a family with her. She tried to have a child but was unsuccessful due to her permanent damage… But she didn't give up and ended up with Melody. But after that all other attempts failed, so Melody was the only one that survived.


Melody’s fear of snakes is due to her mother’s accident.

Melody has always been an only child, looking to her parents to play with her. Her father used to read stories to her about young wizards and witches, depicting their talents and abilities. She was always curious of the animals accompanying the wizards and witches, so she begged her dad for a feline familiar. He happily complied and gave her Harmony, a Birman/Scottish fold mix cat at age eight. At age eleven she received a letter to join the Hogwarts School. She had been so excited and happy that her mother had to hide her tears from seeing her baby grow up. Her father couldn't have been more proud and gave her a new wand, one that he had been saving for her to use when she got invited to the school.

Melody is a hard worker who is kind to others, but may come off cold due to her shyness, and she is used to being bullied and picked on due to her elementary school experiences before Hogwarts. Boys used to chase her around with snakes or yank on her pigtails, she was harassed at school often, but she had made a good friend named Mara. Always by her side was Mara, out of the two of them Mara was the one to act like the older sister, so Melody happily followed behind her. But after she got accepted into Hogwarts she had to say good bye to her muggle friend, she promised to write as often as she could, so Melody can be often found in her room writing letters to Mara in the later evening.

 Melody's first magical experience-

She had been only 6 when her father had given her a practice wand to see if she had any magical potential and she had been studying spells on her own but didn't understand how to use her power if she had any. She had gotten into a fight with her father over washing the dishes and in a burst of anger she made a plate levitate and crash into the wall. Her father had been so surprised by her out burst but so excited by her show of her abilities that he immediately picked her up and spun her around smiling saying the magic words she had been waiting to hear "You are a magic wielder!!!!"

Her magical interests-

She has an interest in flying and potions, more along the line of the witches in the stories she read. She really loves flying and being up high in the air, always getting a rush from it. She wouldn't mind learning medical magic too, but she is more interested in magic that benefits people, not mean or mischievous magic.

How she was sorted-

She had been so intimidated when she entered Hogwarts, nervous of everyone around her, cringing each time she saw a pet snake nearby. After she found out the houses and the names of them she had to sit in the stool and put the sorting hat on. She had been so nervous, clenching her fits tight thinking "Anything but the house with the snake!!!! Not 
Slytherin!!!!!!" She had closed her eyes tight and bawled up slightly, but the sorting hat just sighed and spoke the words of relief "Ravenclaw."
To much relief she had jumped up startled by the Hat's words but she had a giant grin on her face, she had avoided the snake. She was eager to join the Ravenclaw house and was also shy about it, she was weary of the other students after her burst of cheerfulness died off.

First year-

She had been a bit quiet, keeping to herself even though most people were friendly. She didn't really have social skills and became known as 'The Silent Thief' due to things always vanishing. Her curiosity always got the best of her and she accidentally climbed on top of the school's roof and had to be rescued by a 7th year student, she had been humiliated by the scene it had caused. But the year turned out to be alright, Harmony cased off the kids who teased her so she started to smile a bit more, feeling proud of her feline friend.

 This is the year she got into Hogwarts, she was very excited to be going and always wore a bight and cheerful smile. She tended to forget her cloak constantly which lead her to not wear it as much as she got older. She made a bet with her childhood best friend, saying she would get a boyfriend before Mara, but neither of them had success this year. But her cheerful smile started to fade near the end of the year due to some bullying... She is deathly afraid of snakes and some mean kids chased her around with them once she got back home leaving her to become more cautious of people.

Second year-

Timid Melody started to talk to people, leaving her room more and actually signing up to join the Quidditch team as an alternate. This year was a hard one do to the deaths of 
Dekel and Ninette though... And there was many times she found herself crying her self to sleep over nightmares...

This year she made a few friends, she was quiet at the beginning but warmed up to those she cared about most. Her mother told her that she was going to adopt a boy and that made her feel a bit betrayed for awhile till her mother told her it wasn't happening for a bit. She stuffed her nose into books to hide her emotions as best as she could, since she was feeling down a lot about the events going on at the school, all the deaths that occurred did take a toll on her. And alas this year neither her or Mara could fulfill the bet, but Melody did develop a few crushes this year.

Third year-

(To come...)

• Family:

Mother is Ashley Night (Human)

Father is Blake Night (Wizard)

She is an only child


• Likes & Dislikes:

(+) Animals

(+) Nature

(+) Flowers

(+) Exploring

(+) Heights

(+) Watching people from high up (stalker like)

(+) Flying

(+) Books

(+) Sweets

(+) Dolls or stuffed animals

(+) Loose/Unclaimed items (taking things that won’t be missed)

(+) Mysteries

(+) Puzzles and games

(-) Anything too spicy

(-) Anything sour

(-) Spiders

(-) Snakes

(-) Small and tight spaces (claustrophobic)

(-) Teasing or bullying

(-) Cold


    ·         Favorites:

Soda: Coca Cola

Candy: Gobstoppers/Gummy Bears

Cake: Carrot cake

Pie: Banana Cream

Sandwich: Peanut butter Jelly Banana

Fruit: Banana

Vegetable: Carrots


• Spells:

Repairing Charm - Reparo

Broken objects piece their selves back together. In the case of containers, this will not replace anything that was held within. Wands, and most other magical items, can’t be repaired in this manner.


Unlocking Charm - Alohomora

It unlocks non-magical locks. Most magical locks are enchanted to be impervious.


• Wand Ingredients:

Core: Dragon heartstring

Length: 11 and a half

Wood: Elm

Flexibility: Slightly springy


• Pet:

Name: Harmony

Species: Feline Birman/Scottish fold mix breed

Gender: Female

Personality: Sweet, lap cat, curious, scaredy-cat the cat sketch (didn't have time to color it yet)


• Achievements:

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SINGLE XD *poor Mel*

Mara- Childhood best friend (my Oc) 

Nadi Chota- Not sure what to make of her, she seems a bit... Quire, but has really lovely hair (Tiny-Zombutt

Carson J. Eimhir- Friends, her ferret is super cute and chubby, she seems nice (CaptainAsche)

Jacques Clarke- Close friends, likes talking to him, thinks he is sweet  (Rizei) *Semi crush on him*

Marie Soffian- Friends, both love books (Shiro-Ni--Iro)

Carter Grayle- Friends who love to fly (Blasianeko)

Oliveria Jane Rulstein- Close friends, loves talking to her a lot, adores the attention she gets   (Epic-ErikaPhobia

Keely Mai Webb- Friends, flower crowns forever (sapphyst)

June O'Donoghue- Friends, likes to talk with, motivator (Nagatsukichi)

Amélie Christelle Bellerose- Looks up to her a lot, Idol (Kaistellations)

Casper Lyon- Thinks he is really cool but at the same time she is still sorry for dropping the books on him (chisachan2010) *Semi crush on him*

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Melody: Mitsuba Okita (Giggles) [V1] 
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